How much does it cost

Access to the bikesharing


An unlimited number of rides by subscription

An unlimited number of rides up to 30/45/60 minutes are already included in the seasonal access, as well as in the "Day" and "Month" accesses.

1 account = 1 bike

Only one bicycle can be rented for one account. If you plan to ride with friends, they need to register themselves.


If you do not pass the bike after 2 days, we will be forced to apply a penalty of 30 000 ₽.


Access starts immediately after payment. If you are planning to buy access for a day, it is better to do it right before the trip.

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for an access through the mobile app?

Sure. Just sign in to our mobile app, and select “Buy access”. If you have a promo code, type it in the form before you choose an access. Then read Terms and Privacy Policy, click “Pay”, enter credit card details and push/sms code from the bank.

How much does it cost?

24 hours access for bikesharing costs 155₽, “Season” up to October 31 – 745₽. Each access includes unlimited quantity of trips lasting up to 30 minutes. Rides over 30 minutes incur extra fee. Also we offer a new accesses “Season 45 minutes” just for 925₽ and “Season 60 minutes” just for 1110₽, which includes unlimited quantity of trips lasting up to 45/60 minutes respectively. See Rates.