How much does it cost

Access to the bikesharing

Advanced access

Includes an unlimited number of trips lasting less than 45 (instead of 30) minutes and insurance. The insurance program provides life and health insurance (accidents as a result of traffic accidents) of the Customer during the trip and insurance of the bicycle in case of theft or accident. You can find out detailed conditions of the insurance programs in the submitted documents.


Unlimited rides

You can take the bike unlimited times. All trips up to 30/45/60 minutes are included in the price.

1 account = 1 bike

Only one bicycle can be rented for one account. If you plan to ride with friends, they need to register themselves.


If you do not pass the bike after 2 days, we will be forced to apply a penalty of 30 000 ₽.


Access starts immediately after payment. If you are planning to buy access for a day, it is better to do it right before the trip.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay the debt?

Sign in to our mobile app or site and select “Pay debt”. Enter credit card details and push/sms code from the bank.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

There's no need in a deposit, but if you do not return a bike within two days, your bank card will be charged 30 thousand rubles as a fine. Therefore, we ask always to check that when you return the bike to the station you receive a message "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation from Velobike.